NaviPro is a professional path finding and navigation solution for Unity. It is designed for games and similar real-time applications. Using the latest research in navigation, it features natural agent behaviour and very fast path finding, even in large and complex environments.



NaviPro is available here: NaviPro 1.1

Please note that, to view the demo scenes supplied with NaviPro, you will also need the Unity Standard Assets.

You can download the full documentation here.



Main Features



Natural Looking Movement

NaviPro features natural and customizable agent movement. Agents have intuitive settings to tune their walking behavior to your needs.


Local Avoidance and Crowd Flow

Intelligent local avoidance stops your agents from bumping into one another and allows them to pass by one another smoothly. In situations where larger groups of agents meet, crowd flow simulation avoids collisions and helps the groups to pass in a natural way. Crowd flow in NaviPro is based on observations from real crowds.


Fast Path Finding

NaviPro uses the latest research in navigation to ensure very fast path finding. The resulting paths are smooth and require no additional settings. NaviPro features fast and precise construction of the navigation mesh using custom meshes or integration with the Unity NavMesh API.


Unmatched Performance

Running native code with multi-threading using Unity's Job System enables very fast agent simulation. NaviPro supports hundreds of agents, allowing it to run well on mobile devices as well. Even for projects that do not require that many agents, better performance also means longer battery life for mobile devices or more cpu time for other tasks.


Obstacles and Platforms

NaviPro features fast modification of the navigation mesh using obstacles and platforms, allowing precise and large scale changes at a low cost. Obstacles and platforms can be added and removed at any time, anywhere.


Multiple Layers

An automated multi-layer system for the navigation mesh allows overlapping areas such as bridges and even multiple floors without any additional setup.


And much more!

  • Free transformation of the navigation mesh and its agents, including translation, rotation and scaling
  • Varying agent sizes and other agent properties
  • Optional direct control of agents
  • Manual path finding queries